Yvonne & Dean Collier bring you in-house customised international interpersonal skills, assertive skills training, facilitation and keynote presentations that get the results you want.

You increase your productivity and profit through greater team unity, cooperation and clear communication skills. You get the 'hard core' of 'soft skills', because 'people skills produce profitable relationships.'  How?

Through inspirational, experiential and fun-filled learning and development training.

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Assertive Skills Expert

Personal Leadership Futurist

Know Self, Create Self, Understand Others

Team building activity, part of a one day In-house company workshop to bring communication between the different departments of sales, accounting, marketing, admin . . . this instilled confidence and trust and brought some fun into the business of getting on with each other. The CEO commented on the result: 'the departmental teams communicate better and information is exchanged at a deeper level within the organisation.'

Benefits of working with Maddison Training

Unlock: Extraordinary Performance

Gain: Understanding between individuals in your organisation

Improve: Communication, team spirit and enthusiasm

Build: An awesome team environment

Mentoring with Yvonne Collier Practice Assertive Conversations

Eventbrite - Mentoring with Yvonne Collier: Assertive Conversations

LAFFe to Success

Click here to purchase your personal copy of  LAFFe to Success

Click here to purchase your personal copy of LAFFe to Success

LAFFe to Success explores the Logic, Action, Fun and Feeling within You.

It encourages you to use your LAFFe abilities to build better relationships, quicker, easier and more effectively, by developing flexibility in relating to others.

Use LAFFe as an analytical tool or just for fun.  Whichever mode you choose, it produces results. So, dip into the A-Z of LAFFe behaviour for effective strategies and better communication.

Click on the title of book to purchase your copy of LAFFe to Success

Maddison Training deliver in the following modes:

  • Keynote: Conferences and Gatherings

  • Training: One-to-One to Group and Half-Day to Multi-Day

  • Coaching: Tailored for each individual

  • Facilitation: Meetings, Conferences, Workshops and Projects

What others say...

"Yvonne Collier is an absolutely fantastic facilitator.  Energy, humour and she got us all through.  A real gem."    - Peter Boyd | COO, Carbon War Room

"I recommend Yvonne and Dean Collier to any CEO who wants to build an awesome team.  The ROI is immeasurable when teams communicate better and information is exchanged at a deeper level within the organisation." - Debbie Black | CEO, Commercial Real Estate

"The program is a raging success ... the benefits are clearly visible in improved communication, team spirit and enthusiasm ... we recommend Maddison Training for relevant effective and fun training." - G Mudd | HR Manager, IT Company

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