Yvonne Collier

The Assertive Skills Expert

“From the moment you were introduced you glowed with enthusiasm and excited everyone to share the fruits of your hard work. You demonstrated the passion that enabled your audience to get fully involved with the message.”Ron Tacchi | CSP & Managing Director, Speakers Network International

Yvonne Collier CSP Speaker, Trainer, The Assertive Skills Expert.

Presenting a keynote at the EAN Convention Sydney 2020. "How to be more assertive and still maintain positive relationships” with all those around you".

Choose Yvonne for Keynote Presentations and you get the results you want.

“Yvonne inspires and energies with her interactive presentations.  She always makes it relevant, informative and entertaining.”

“Yvonne empowers your people with skills and attitude to be more effective communicators, presenters, team players and team leaders to improve your ‘bottom line’.”

“You get increased productivity and profit through greater team unity, cooperation and clear communication skills.”


With a background in education, advertising, sales & management, and 20 years running Maddison Training, Yvonne gives you the competitive advantage of her extensive practical experience in diverse industries such as publishing, financial & professional markets.

Keynote Presentations (Tailored to your business and your needs)

Be Present NOW 

How to find your strength, be present and live in the NOW to do more, be more and create more now!

“Great energy. You challenged us to get out of our comfort zones, to have the experience of being in the now, to be present, more focused and aware, to release stress and be more productive.”

The Seven keys to develop and maintain best client relationships, including more productive meetings.

Explore and expand your thinking and behaviours to improve your ability to develop and maintain better client relationships including more productive meetings. How? Yvonne Collier will reveal the seven keys that explain what to do and how to do it in this interactive and practical presentation. Using these ideas and tools you will get ways to make your meetings shorter, more efficient and pleasurable. Applying these seven keys to your client relationships will bring a better understanding of needs, expectations and mutual outcomes. With these seven keys you will be able to work smarter together.
Come with an open mind and a willingness to interact and enjoy a dynamic, informative session with Yvonne.

“Great start to the conference. Energizing, Engaging. Authentic. Practical. Memorable  - I will use the 7 keys.”

Getting What You Want: When you want to say No and can’t!

A proven method and ten-part process to get what you want - ethically.  Plus 7 ways to say No and feel guilt free!

“Involving, entertaining, thought provoking, professional, practical. Your light hearted humour and easy to listen to speaking style really helps get the message across.”

“Inspirational, practical and empowering. I now know how to get what I want!”

“Great visual aids to process information and help audience learn about ‘assertive’ communication. Yvonne presented very well, used clear everyday language. I really enjoyed the presentation and will act on it.”

Presenting with confidence and Impact: Increase your presence, and charisma quotient & more!

“Your presentation was loaded with information that was easy to understand and yet simple to implement. Your vast knowledge and experience in building your speaking career was an inspiration!”

“Practical, helpful, uplifting, interactive, great fun, loved your enthusiasm and passion, loved everything: The presentation, group work, individual exercises and your stories.”

Maximise Your Team Performance: Increase productivity, performance and profit

”I have the inspiration, know how and tools to lead my team to better performance.”

"If you are interested in a stimulating, informative, compelling, and empowering speaker to motivate and inspire your people Yvonne is a must."

Successful Communication in the Workplace

“The feedback from your presentation, ‘Effective Interaction with Clients and Potential Clients’,  was 100% positive from delegates – people spoke of the helpful tools, the practical examples and the positive energy.”

“Excellent presentation, engaging all audience and great tips given.”

"Your LAFFe Model has resulted in an enormous and long lasting benefits to individuals and the organisation as a whole. Improving our understanding of each other and ourselves is the first step to unlocking truly extraordinary performance. "

Work Life Balance: Survive and Thrive

“Practical, fun and I can make immediate changes to gain better work life balance.”

“You quickly connected head and heart to inspire me to use my skills and knowledge to in my whole life.”


"Yvonne and Dean, Your energy and the refreshing breeze you bring into a community / audience is remarkable.  You have a knack for making people feel at ease.  When you tell stories, as a couple and individually, I just want to sit there and hear MORE.  You both make personal stories absolutely magic.  Whatever it is that makes you two smile like you do ... I want some!" - Eve H | Accredited Storyteller

Yvonne Collier & Dean Collier 😍🤣 graduated from Sydney’s first Sydney School of Hard Knock Knocks, SHKK, comedy course February 2019.

So much fun. A fabulous experiential 5 consecutive evening course with an awesome evening performance.

I’m not planning to do ‘stand up’ in the clubs!! (just) adding even more humour to my training, presenting and facilitation 😍🤣

Trailer for workshop at NSAA 2015 Convention Canberra March 27 - 30: Yvonne Collier CSP Two hour workshop for National Speakers Association Australia, 2015 convention in Canberra March 30th. Benefits of attending for speakers and trainers.