Choose Yvonne  . . .  and you get the lot!

The WOW factor to facilitate your group or conference!

"Thank you for facilitating our 4 day annual conference and delivering within the conference a one day ‘Customer Service’ and ‘Presentation Skills’ training workshop.

This was the most successful conference we have conducted. All outcomes were achieved. Action plans are made and are already being implemented. As a result of this, we are a more united, motivated and energised team.

I am delighted that we chose to use you as our facilitator for the entire conference, as well as delivering the specific training modules. The manner in which you kept the group energized throughout the entire conference was a huge factor in the overall success of the event.  We definitely want you back next year."Assistant GM, Large Insurance Group

"Your excellent facilitation of our annual 3 day Business Development Forum was both professional and fun – you were able to keep the sessions to time, as well as adding value yourself and challenging the delegates to new ways of approaching both life and work. The delegates all noted how essential an effective and empathetic facilitator was to the success of the Forum.

The feedback from your presentation, “Effective Interaction with Clients and Potential Clients”,  was 100% positive from delegates – people spoke of the helpful tools, the practical examples and the positive energy.

You possess the wonderful qualities of being instantly likable and approachable and these qualities allow you to quickly ascertain the needs of your audience, as your audience is so open to you. As one delegate wrote, “Yvonne is a professional who can always picks the mark.

You are truly one of the best trainers/facilitators I have had the good fortune to work with and learn from."Business Development Manager & Conference Organiser, Large Development Fund

Choose Yvonne to MC, facilitate and conduct workshops at your next conference or business development forum!

Some recent feedback from conference delegates 

“To have Yvonne as a presenter and facilitator was a stroke of genius- well done.”

“Yvonne kept the Conference rolling in her easy natural way.”

“Yvonne is a top facilitator.”

“Yvonne was experienced and ran the Forum well.”

“Yvonne is an excellent facilitator and teacher particularly because she involves everyone. I don’t think I went to sleep once in her sessions! There is a good mixture of hearing her input and discussion.”

“ . . .because Yvonne was a presenter as well as the facilitator, she had more of an involved role.”

“Yvonne is a professional who can always pick the mark.”

Yvonne has a bucketful of Facilitation Process Tools including:

  • Open Space Technology

  • Appreciative Inquiry

  • World Cafe

Plus all the usual tools of . . .

  • Gap Analysis

  • Visioning

  • Questioning

  • Forcefield Analysis

  • The many forms of Brainstorming

  • Systematic Problem Solving

  • Priority Setting


Yvonne brings extensive experience and expertise, in the moment value and a wonderful capacity to hold the energy of the group needs.

In summary, Yvonne will choose the very best methods, techniques and process tools for your group, and your specific needs, during the design,  preparation, and in the moment to bring the best results.

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Yvonne is an accredited facilitator of Peace Circles. For more information

Yvonne Collier teaches you how to facilitate effective meetings.

“I enrolled in your Assertive Communications Course because I was having problems running the meetings of the building committee.

We had our first meeting of the year last night and it was probably the shortest meeting on record. Thank you, I learnt how to use the techniques on your course . . . I warned everyone prior to the meeting that there would be no provision for reading time. The meeting kept to the agenda, kept it to times and made sure it didn't go off track.

Thank you, Yvonne. Very Successful.”  Janet K.