Facilitate Effective Meetings Skills

Half day workshop

Do you run or attend fast effective inspiring meetings with lots of relevant discussion, good decision making and actions committed to and acted upon? If yes this workshop is not for you.

If no, then spend a half-day with Yvonne Collier and you will learn how to facilitate effective meetings. Learn how to engage participants, keep the meeting and everyone on track, confidently handle ‘difficult’ behaviours such as people talking over each other, individuals dominating and non engagement.


At the end of the half day workshop participants will demonstrate and have practiced tools to:

  • Prepare and structure meetings for maximum input and best results
  • Handle the challenging situations with key processes that keep all engaged and on track
  • Generate and capture ideas quickly and efficiently
  • Make effective team decisions and get commitment to action

Ineffective meetings are costly in terms of time, money and resources. Effective meetings create collaboration, trust, deliverables, commitment and actions that are a real competitive advantage.

Come along and learn and apply tools and techniques to balance the people, the processes and the task to produce productive profitable meetings.