Presentation Skills

You will add profit and productivity to your team and business with professional presentation skills.

Better Presentation Skills means increased professionalism, sales, productivity and profitability. They give your organisation a competitive edge in the marketplace.

You will learn what every presenter must know about presenting with ease, confidence & presence. You and your team will create impact & your clients or customers will line up to buy your product or services!

Professional Presentation Skills / Dynamic Presentations

A one - two day or 3 half-days experiential workshop designed to build and polish your presentation skills.

Highly interactive and experiential.

Using the Video camera (optional) helps fast track performance results

At the end of the workshop you will be able to:

  • Demonstrate the ability to handle your nerves well
  • Show confidence and energy in your presentations
  • Develop a stronger voice
  • Rapidly build rapport with your audience
  • Use 2 formulas to structure a prepared presentation swiftly and easily
  • Use 5 impromptu structures
  • Give constructive feedback to improve performance

Plus lots of tips along the way and more!

Who should attend?

Anyone who would like to present themselves and their message confidently, professionally and persuasively.

Tailored to your needs. Can be conducted over 4 or 6 weeks with 2 or 3 hour weekly sessions or over 2 days or over 3 half-days or even a very tragetted fast track half day!


"Thank you Yvonne, everyone spoke so highly of the training, they absolutely loved you!  I think you have definitely made an impression and they can't wait to do more!" - Liane D

"Yvonne provided great content and she simplifies the presentation process. Watching the video recording of ourselves was very helpful. I am now more confident and have more impact."Mark Wilson

"I have definitely improved my presentations. The preparation, the practice and more confident delivery."Susan Lee

"My presentations are more effective, they now achieve the right results especially with hard stakeholders." - Tina Xu

"We were very punctual. Each section ran for it's allotted time. We completed the whole presentation in 25 mins. We were asked some very good, direct questions which we were able to answer. And the key one . . . 'So what can I do to help you achieve what you have said you can achieve'? Thank you very much Yvonne for all your help on this presentation. It would not have been nearly as good or powerful without your help.” - Duncan Coombs

Our systems team presentation to our CEO went extremely well. It was very impressive, well received and achieved all our 'Aims'.

"All attending members were in agreement about the immense value of this Effective Presentation Skills workshop."

“Just a quick note to put on record the quality, value and usefulness of the presentation training that I have received over the past few weeks. Yvonne was simply delightful. I would recommend her for any future training consultancy within our organisation.”

“The greatest fear in my working life was speaking in front of a crowd. On the morning of the presentation I went through the voice exercises and calming techniques. When I stepped out on the podium to speak I was amazed at how relaxed I was.”

" I liked the professionalism and fun, the breathing exercise, tips to help combat nervousness, also the opportunity to present and receive critical feedback."

"The course was focused entirely on reaching my objective and I achieved the result I wanted."

"The handouts are great & will be useful in the future."

"Your presentation style – a real inspiration."

"Impressed by the amount we covered in the morning, your energy and the clever way to get subject for our speech!"

“Each and everyone of us enjoyed the Presentation Skills course immensely. Most of us were surprised at how much improvement was possible in only 4 weeks. The course not only provided us with the skills to develop professional presentations but also furnished us with the confidence to deliver then successfully to our clients.”