Train the Trainer

With a Difference!

Yvonne Collier's forte is to help your leaders, managers and subject matter experts take their expertise /content 'out of their heads', develop a process for every bit of content, and confidently create, deliver and roll out experiential training modules.

The knowledge and expertise stays within your organisation. Experiences and skills cascade through the newly created learning and development modules. Internal promotions are the norm. In this way your culture, values and success of your organisation is strengthened.

You identify your key people who have the expertise, enthusiasm, and commitment to champion training and train others.

Some of the industry courses currently rolling out are: 
How to Establish a Project, Developing and Delivering a Quality Product, Excellent Client Service, 
A Technical Training course for CAD Team members, Digital training, Project Management Principles, Strategic Planning, Communication Skills, Financial Management, Team Building, Negotiation Skills, ‘Tool Box’, Time Management, Media Basics, Media Tools, Media Maths and Media Strategy levels 1 & 2, TV Buying, Presentation Skills, People Management, Selling Skills, SMART Goals, Budget setting and Competitive Analysis.


"It is my privilege to write this for our long term partner, Yvonne Collier. GroupM and our unit, the AdvantageM learning and development team have been working with Yvonne for over 15 years now. I met Yvonne when I joined in June 2007 after a long career in media strategy. This was my first role as a trainer. Yvonne was co-training our Train the Trainer (TTT) programme with my line manager at the time; a programme she co-wrote and delivers successfully each year. My first impression of Yvonne was someone who truly loved what she did and is much loved by those who have the privileged to be trainer by her. She makes training a very safe and fun environment that makes it all about the trainee and leave trainees walking out feeling motivated and inspired with skills that apply for both work and personal life. As a new trainer to the organisation, Yvonne helped me to hone my skills with what were deceptively simple yet powerful techniques. The TTT is a popular programme on the AdvantageM regional calendar and we often have a long waitlist. We normally engage Yvonne at least 3x a year with programmes run in markets including; Australia, China, India and Thailand. She also came with us to Spain and the UK to take the techniques outside of APAC. We use a "pass it on" strategy so we train on average 24 participants per workshop who are then charged to go back to market and train at least 40 participants in 12 months but most often train more. Some of them have become full time trainers as a result. Cumulatively, we believe the programme has trained over 40,000 staff over the past 16 years on the skills of a trainer. An incredibly powerful way to get training out on scale in a highly engaging manner. As a result, we won the 2012 Asian Learning and Development Leadership Award for "Best Workplace Trainer Training Programme", amongst many other awards. Personally, I truly believe Yvonne is one of the key reasons for my success as a trainer and I will be forever grateful for this. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you wish to engage Yvonne"  Linda Robson, Regional Director - Learning and Development - GroupM APAC

"Thank you Yvonne for a brilliant week! Train the Trainer Digital Training went really well, and the feedback has been superb. We have 7 excellent training modules on everything from social to search to digital analytics. And on top of that we have a highly enthused team who are closer than ever.  Thank you too Yvonne, for all of your hard work and making it so seamless, fun, educational, and productive."Global Digital Leader, Global Media Agency

"Thanks Yvonne for delivering a top class Train the Trainer course. Testament to your skills, passion and commitment."CEO, APAC Global Media Investment Management Operation

"It was a resounding success with extremely positive feedback from all levels within our company. Yvonne's flexibility, innovation and sense of humour have been a key factor in this result. The leadership Yvonne demonstrated ensured we remained focused, interested and motivated."Group Practice Manager Architects

“I like her style. Yvonne delivered a clear structured format that was interactive, high on energy and enjoyment. She is credible and made the course interactive and fun while we learned skills. Overall she delivered way above expectations for both myself and the team. This explains why we ask Yvonne, several times a year, since 2001, to run, 'Train the Trainer'. Locations include: India, Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Bali, Australia, UK and China. Always a wonderful fun, productive week.”Training and Development Director, Asia Pacific, Media Company

“Yvonne is an accomplished learning professional and public speaker. She builds rapport with teams quickly and will have any group comfortable and ready to take a risk within the first hour of her programmes. Yvonne and I have co-trained Train-the-Trainer for 9 years throughout Asia Pacific and I guarantee she will keep the team focused on their outcomes and laughing all the way through the challenging work they must do to complete the week. 

Yvonne’s magic is delivered through working with the group at their level, and coaching them to success. Everyone leaves Train-the-Trainer with a module they have created and confident in their ability to deliver on the ground the next week. I love working with Yvonne – she is patient, generous and able to switch pace seamlessly according to the needs of the group.”Genelle Sharples, Principal, Activate Expertise

"My outcomes were I expected to learn how to train myself and other people.  I hoped to learn new things. It actually exceeded my expectations.  Not only did I learn how to be a good trainer and learn new things. I had the chance to practice/apply what I’m learning in the process.

Considering the content of the workshop, every minute was maximized – no time wasted – such that even coffee breaks and energizers are all a learning experience.

All the tools, techniques, skills and strategies are very very useful – it will just be a matter of looking at my notes and remembering them. But in general, it is the actual application thru the developing of the module, where I learned how to do it from step 1 (data dumping) up to putting it in practice – actual training.

It will be very useful in my current role. The 3 things I will do now as a consequence of what I learned on this program

  1. I’d be more than willing to cascade what I’ve learnt at least to the most senior people in our local office
  2. I’d secure top management’s support in putting training as one of the top priorities in our market
  3. I’d create a training task force who will help me roll-out training up to the most junior level of the company

A suggestion for improvement? Maybe just more time for the parking zone.  I really am impressed by the ‘tips’ that came out during that session.

And if I’d describe the experience in one word it would be ‘PRICELESS!’ – It is indeed!"

General Manager, Global Media Agency