Bullying & Sexual Harassment

Yvonne Collier & Dean Collier   All geared up for good work practice in the factory environment.

Yvonne Collier & Dean Collier

All geared up for good work practice in the factory environment.

If in your workplace you experience bullying or sexual harassment, Yvonne Collier CSP coaches one to one assertive skills, and runs workshops to help individuals and companies handle inappropriate workplace behaviours.

More than 25 years after sexual harassment was made illegal, discrimination, sexual harassment and bullying claims are increasing in blue and white-collar workforces. We must be more aware of changing values and legislation. 

Yvonne runs one-day, half-day workshops, 2 hour workshops and most recently (due to requests) an intensive interactive one-hour workshops.

“Thank you, Yvonne & Dean. I just wanted to reiterate our sincere thanks for your efforts over the last three days of ‘Awareness: Good Workplace Behaviour: Zero Tolerance of Workplace Bullying and Harassment’ series of one-hour intensive multimedia workshops for our 24/5, 170 blue-collar staff. I can see you’re both very passionate about what you do and to have such early starts for three days and remain just as energized for the last session as the first is a real credit to you. Definitely keen to stay in touch”.  Kate B, HR Advisor, Global Packaging Company

Recent feedback from a large Insurance Company, [eight x 1.5 hour sessions for the whole team and 2.5 hour session with managers, plus 1:1 coaching]. ‘Thank you, Yvonne. We got really good feedback from your sessions with all our staff and managers. Everyone raved about it. And the feedback from the 1:1 coaching was it was very informative and worthwhile.  I’m so glad I found you on the internet. You are amazing and you made my job so easy.’  Zoe R, HR.

Good Workplace Behaviour: Practical behavioural zero bullying one-hour workshop

 At the end of this one-hour fast paced interactive workshop participants will be able to . . .

  • Explain what is and is not bullying behaviour

  • How to know it when you see it

  • Describe the effects of bullying on employees, employer and workplace culture

  • State employee and employer responsibilities

  • What can you do if it happens to you?

  • How to respond assertively?

  • What do you say / not say?

  • How do you say it?

  • Write your action plan

 Feedback: What part of the program did you find most helpful? . . . 

  • ALL of the program

  • Strategies, techniques and ideas on how to ‘nip’ bullying in the bud

  • How to respond to aggression

  • How to respond when witnessing bullying

  • How to calm yourself

  • Detailed examples

  • Stories

  • Discussion

  • Yvonne’s published articles

 Trainers strengths:

  • Yvonne did an excellent job

  • Very knowledgeable

  • Knowing how to talk to the group and explain things well

  • Able to involve all individuals

  • Clear and easy to understand

  • Very engaging

  • Enthusiasm during discussions

  • Friendly style

  • All areas

Other Comments:

  • I now know how to respond assertively with techniques and tips to handle bullying behaviour

  • Very good at engaging the staff

  • Fabulous course

  • Great knowledge, explained the issues well, gave us lots of tips and got us involved

  • It was very helpful. I know what I can do to stop bullying.

And Yvonne runs a one-day course with Sydney University Centre for Continuing Education which will open your eyes to new legal avenues available to employees, steps you must take to reduce risks of claims, and allow you to learn and practice assertive skills, what to say and how to say it. 

Next workshop TBA - More details: Sexual Harassment and Bullying in the Workplace

This course is especially for workers who want to contribute to a professional and fair work place environment.  Especially managers and supervisors who could be exposed to litigation and need to be aware of the legislation and liabilities as well as the need to model and promote best workplace behaviours, which increases productivity and profit.

Feedback from 1 day workshop:

"Yvonne is very well informed and articulate on this subject. The workbook is thorough, comprehensive and a good resource."

"I loved Yvonne’s ability to engage the class for the whole day."

“I learnt about good procedures for investigating bullying and harassment complaints."

Feed back from a recent two-hour ‘Sexual discrimination, bullying and appropriate workplace behaviour’ workshop for 21 managers from the same organisation.

"From the brief given to Yvonne, she delivered the outcome we wanted." 

"I didn’t realise I am liable if I witness inappropriate behaviour and don’t act."

"The Australian case studies were real, relevant and thought provoking."

"It was directly relevant and helped us realise our need to be accountable."

"The content was well facilitated and Yvonne's style helped to involve, engage and get open and honest reactions from the managers."    

 "The impact of the workshop and the ‘best practice’ behaviours can be referred to as we go forward and implement the culture change that 'is necessary to create more harmony in our workplace."

"We can now direct the staff fairly, and let all employees have an avenue for discussion, fair and correct procedures, and know how to handle harassment issues in our workplace."