Double Act: Dean & Yvonne

Career Transition for Success!

Do you have uncertainty with your job, career or future prospects?

Do you fear redundancy? Are you overwhelmed with change? Feel undervalued? Disengaged? Want to move on, but don’t know how?

 The solution?

Yvonne’s practical skills approach AND Dean’s intuitive work, combine as a unique team for your successful career transition, career path and ideal job match.

 Yvonne works with you to get the confidence, skills and tools by working with you on your behaviours to have more successful interview conversations.  So you win the perfect job, that’s right for you.

 Dean works with you to access your intuition to put you in touch with your personal essence, your hidden needs, your talents and qualities. He also advises about conditions around your options to give you reassurance and confidence to make your best choice. 

How good would it be for you to have an expert communication skills coach AND an intuitive coach working with you to land the best position that matches your values, talents, qualities and needs?

It is the DY combination of both these practical and intuitive skills that create the winning formula for your success!

The DY 'Double Act' for your Personal and Business Success. In career transition? Want to thrive in your job? Alan Hargreaves suggests you ask Dean & Yvonne to help you get both sides of your brian working on it.


That's a lot of people! You are not alone!

We'd love to help you transition more easily, quickly and safely.