Yvonne’s Coaching / Mentoring

“The two most important skills for a coach are the ability to ask good question and effective listening.  Yvonne does this to great effect.”

"Yvonne’s focus is always to help you achieve your outcomes and your true potential."

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Definition: “Conversational Intelligence® is the hardwired and learnable ability to connect, navigate, and grow with others – a necessity in building healthier and more resilient organizations in the face of change. C-IQ begins with trust and ends with high quality relationship and business success.” Judith E Glasser

Getting What You Want Coaching / Assertive Skills

"Thank you Yvonne, very much, for your coaching time with me yesterday, I felt like a weight had lifted from my shoulders. I now feel very positive and confident that I am able to attend an interview, without feeling like I have nothing to offer … Thank you for your encouragement and your wise words - best 2 hours ever!" PJ

"We focused entirely on reaching my objective - and I achieved the results I wanted"

"Very constructive"

"Particularly supportive"

"Yvonne was wonderful at diffusing stress"

“I now have tools that I can use to make a happier and more successful life.”

“Thank you for our continued association, and I do highly recommend you as a great facilitator and coach. Yvonne has coached and mentored me on a number of occasions when I needed more clarity, certainty and confidence. She helped me identify and focus on what was important to advance my goals, increase my self-confidence and self-esteem. I highly recommend Yvonne for strategic planning and innovation for the future of your organisations and coaching for ongoing success.”Suzanne K

To reinforce your learnings from the public course Yvonne will coach you 'one-on-one' to become more assertive, to say NO, to stand up for yourself, to get your message across and to get what you want.

Team Coaching

“Following training with Yvonne, follow up coaching enabled my team to better understand their own strengths and weaknesses. How they effect themselves, each other and our team dynamics Yvonne taught us how to benefit from acceptance and learning from each other.”Angela N

“I believe that you possess the wonderful qualities of being instantly likeable and approachable and these qualities allow you to quickly ascertain the needs of your audience, as your audience is so open to you. I highly recommend you to others – you are truly one of the best trainers/facilitators/coaches I have had the good fortune to work with and learn from.” - Jo I

Presentation Skills Coaching

“Just a quick note to put on record the quality, value and usefulness of the presentation training that I have received over the past few weeks. Yvonne was simply delightful. I would recommend her for any future training consultancy within our organisation.” - Glen T

“Yvonne helped ‘fast track’ me to feel more confident, speak more easily with othersand fulfil my true potential.”Catherine M

“Our systems team presentation to our CEO went extremely well. It was very impressive, well received and achieved all our 'Aims'.  We were very punctual. Each section ran for it's allotted time. We completed the whole presentation in 25 mins. We were asked some very good, direct questions which we were able to answer.  And the key one . . . 'So what can I do to help you achieve what you have said you can achieve'?  Thank you very much Yvonne for all your help on this presentation. It would not have been nearly as good or powerful without your help.”Duncan C

Career  Skills Coaching

“Thank you Yvonne for your encouragement, support and being there on the other end of the phone when I need that extra bit of guidance and support in my career choices and changes." David W

One on One Interview Coaching

  • Would YOU like to be more successful in your job interviews?

  • Would you like to win your perfect job?

  • Do you know how you come across in an interview?

  • Would you like to feel relaxed & confident during your interview?

Let Yvonne help you to win your dream job. 

With ideas, tips, practice, extensive appraisal, including video feedback, you can develop the skills & confidence to win your dream job.

"I got the job! Thank you." - Helen S

“The video recording of our interview opened my eyes to some of my body language which hasn’t served me well. I am more aware and confident of expressing myself positively and it worked. I won the job. Thank you.” - Lisa M

Here’s some practical advice I gave KH and she implemented successfully. She writes “I heard back from my current employer today re pay rise and it is exactly the figure I had in mind so wonderful result!

Maybe something here will resonate and help you too.

KH felt she had "hit a brick wall, felt unconfident and experienced interviews as probing and stressful".

She writes, “I was able to overcome the wall I had hit with articulating my words and was calm, collected and grounded and overall it was a really lifting learning experience.” 

“Thank you for your supportive advice – without doubt the words you offered gave me a major boost in the right direction. (NB: I printed off the industry salary averages for my role, as you advised, and presented them with hard copy evidence of what the industry pays which was well received and gave my case a solid backing – although, it perhaps also caught them a little by surprise!)

Another marketing company has also recently approached me to join their team heading up their PR department and I had an interview with them this evening, which again, (regardless of what the outcome is) was another great learning experience and chance to put the newly refined interview skills into practice. 

Both meetings went well because:

  • I felt like I was having a two-way 'human' conversation. It felt like three humans talking together and not 'two people' firing probing questions at a subordinate third person (as it can often feel in an interview situation).

  • Less is more! I answered the questions succinctly and once I'd made a point stopped and allowed them to fill the space.

  • I allowed the facts and evidence do the talking – allowing them to prop-up my case so that I didn't need to worry about 'justifying my case' with long sentences which I think is when you can find yourself starting to waffle and then get nervous and loose track of the point.

  • I used the politician tactic of tactfully turning a negative into a positive.”

One to One Receptionists Coaching

"Many thanks, I am very impressed. The difference in Belinda is wonderful and very noticeable. We now have a receptionist who sounds confident, polished, modulated, softened, professional and sounding like she can handle all situations. Yvonne you have a talent for setting people at ease, having fun and getting your message across."Jackie L

So whether you are facing a performance appraisal, pay rise review, presentation or job interview, OR needing Career Coaching or Life Coaching . . . I'd love to support you to enjoy more success.



Neelam Chandram, Business Manager, TFS

"Hi I’m Neelam, and I’d just like to say thank you to Yvonne for all her training and coaching. 

Just recently I had to ‘step up’ and do my Manager’s job, and I think without her help, her mentoring and encouragement I don’t think I’d have been able to do it. 

So thank you for that, and also for all the skills I’ve been able to adapt in my life at work and at home. It’s just been great so thank you very much Yvonne."

Judy F, Project Management & Admin

“I approached Yvonne for assertiveness training to help me navigate some of the more complex challenges around change management that I was facing at the time, however Yvonne has provided me with so much more and now plays a regular role in my professional development. In all cases Yvonne has worked with me using real examples, analysing and supporting me through the tough times, congratulating and encouraging me through the successes. Yvonne has a unique mix of skills that draw on her deep knowledge and experience working with people in a professional environment and she has used these skills to draw on throughout our mentoring sessions. Yvonne brings with her clear evidence based technical advice anchored firmly in the adaptive (emotional) space. It's without doubt a powerful combination of support and has provided me with a set of professional 'tools' that have assisted me in my day-to-day work and personal life. Yvonne has been my guiding light along the path to success!”

Genelle S, L&D Director, Asia Pacific, GroupM 

“Yvonne is an accomplished learning professional and public speaker. She builds rapport with teams quickly and will have any group comfortable and ready to take a risk within the first hour of her programmes. Yvonne and I have co-trained Train-the-Trainer for 9 years throughout Asia Pacific and I guarantee she will keep the team focused on their outcomes and laughing all the way through the challenging work they must do to complete the week. Yvonne’s magic is delivered through working with the group at their level, and coaching them to success. Everyone leaves Train-the-Trainer with a module they have created and confident in their ability to deliver on the ground the next week. I love working with Yvonne – she is patient, generous and able to switch pace seamlessly according to the needs of the group.”


James Martin, Director@ JB Metrics Ltd

“Yvonne is a powerhouse of Positivity, Passion and Personality!I first met her when I moved into the entrepreneurial world and everywhere I went there was Yvonne and her messages about Assertiveness training. We soon became friends and over the years she has turned into a trusted mentor and advisor.As my company has grown Yvonne has been there and she is now a integral trusted part of my world and a Director on the Advisory Board for "On Purpose Consulting". A more inspirational leader, motivational part of your team, and great person you could not be more privileged to have in your world. I highly recommend Yvonne and wish her continued success and joy as her business continues to grow and Thrive!”

Michele G, Principal On Purpose Consulting


“I attended an Assertive Course with Yvonne as our trainer. The course though short gave me a great insight into myself and how to deal with other people. She coached us in such a way that it was not only informative but fun, which is the best way to learn. Great time, need to do it again!”

Debbie B, National Manager, Strata Loans