Interpersonal Success Skills

This Interpersonal Success Skills workshop focuses specifically on you improving your understanding of yourself and others.  You will develop and practice your interpersonal ‘skills set’ to increase cooperation, personal productivity and get results. It will help you relate better to the range of people encountered within the work environment.

At the end of the one-day workshop you will be able to:

  • Trigger your own motivation
  • Set and own your targets and goals
  • ‘Walk and talk’ the LAFFe behavioural styles
  • Read and respond to people better
  • Get your message across more effectively
  • Work collaboratively

Recent Feedback

 “I learnt about myself, honed my skills and had fun. And I will give more recognition to those who need it.”  Ben

“I learnt more about my team and have more tools in my ‘tool kit’. I will use LAFFe and spend more time showing my happy positive attitude with the team.”  Angela

“Yvonne was a breath of fresh air, who empowers you with energy to succeed. I will plan and set achievable goals and change the way I deal with staff and praise them more.”  Jason

“Thanks Yvonne, it helped me realise I may not be coping as well as I could be and to not stress but revisit the tools I have and create the time to use them. Much appreciated – it has come at a good time in my life.”  Christine

“I didn’t have any expectations as such but was very impressed. I will stop worrying about things out of my control and take notice of other people’s LAFFe modes for better relationships and better communication.”  Tristan

“I have the tools to diffuse defensiveness and aggression.”  Jordan

“Yes, the workshop gave me the ability to understand where I am not assertive (in the past) and how to use better language to remain in control of the conversation.”  Melissa

“I have the tools to help me remain calm when dealing with aggressive customers. My empathy skills have improved too. And the workshop was fun and energetic.”  Natalie