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Getting What You Want: Assertive Communication Skills

with Yvonne Collier CSP with Sydney University Centre for Continuing Education

If you want to learn how to say 'no', make your presence felt in a meeting, or tell someone their behaviour is unsatisfactory (while keeping others onside), this course is for you. 

You'll learn how to handle people who ignore you, interrupt you, unduly criticise you, make unreasonable requests, or vent their anger against you. Your life may never be the same again!

It is always evolving and leading edge, popular and fully subscribed.

2019 Courses: Runs every month

Two consecutive Thursdays: October 17 & 24

Two consecutive Fridays: November 8 & 15

Two consecutive Fridays: December 6 & 13

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 ‘An excellent course for anyone wanting to achieve more in life, and build better and more satisfying relationships. The workbook, exercises, sharing and group debriefs were all immensely useful’. Dr. Sharon H

'A fun and refreshing look at people skills calling on the expertise of participants in the room. Yvonne modelled assertive skills in all aspects of the course. Yvonne's vignette's were compelling, and experiential activities really generated insightful conversations using real-life situations.' Dean McM

“The course was excellent and Yvonne proved an engaging and charismatic teacher who created a great environment for learning and interacting”. Irene L

‘A really valuable course with great easy to implement strategies, techniques and tools to help with everyday situations.’ Jennifer B

‘Very informative, practical and useful. Yvonne kept the sessions enjoyable over the two days.’ William P

‘This is one of the best courses I have ever attended. Yvonne Collier was excellent. I achieved my outcomes – to be a more effective and confident communicator. The entire workshop was useful, particularly the skills practice and the group presentations.’ Amanda D

'The 3 main things I got out of the course:  I've become more aware of how others and I communicate (or not).  I think I will be less angry and reactive to people who I would have previously considered difficult or unreasonable. Knowing how to better prepare for what I want.' Liz H

Getting What You Want Coaching

To reinforce your learnings from the public courses or in-house 

Yvonne will coach you 'one-on-one' to become more assertive, to say NO, to stand up for yourself, to get your message across and to get what you want, ethically.

"Thank you Yvonne, very much, for your coaching time with me yesterday, I felt like a weight had lifted from my shoulders. I now feel very positive and confident that I am able to attend an interview, without feeling like I have nothing to offer … Thank you for your encouragement and your wise words - best 2 hours ever!" PJ

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Trailer for workshop at NSAA 2015 Convention Canberra March 27 - 30: Yvonne Collier CSP Two hour workshop for National Speakers Association Australia, 2015 convention in Canberra March 30th. Benefits of attending for speakers and trainers.

One - Day Assertive Communication Skills Course: Advanced  

with Yvonne Collier CSP with Sydney University Centre for Continuing Education.

You have the tools and use assertive behaviour much of the time. . . but are there challenging situations when you feel uncomfortable, your buttons are pressed and your responses are inappropriate? 

In this Advanced Assertive Communication Skills one day interactive experiential workshop with Yvonne Collier CSP, you will gain practical ideas and leading edge techniques to give you positive flexible ways of enhancing your difficult / challenging communications and relationships, assertively. 

Communicate calmly and professionally, even in stressful and emotionally charged situations. Stand up and respectfully speak up and be heard in all situations, with anyone, anywhere, anytime. Learn how to emote, engage and empathize for greater influence, productivity and profitable relationships.

2019 Courses:  Runs 7x year

Friday October 18 & Friday November 21.

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"Excellent value and a great investment in my career and management style. The whole workshop was valuable, perfectly timed and perfectly pitched.’"  Melissa G

"Yvonne is inspiring, energetic, so good at running the group, keeping the content relevant, answering questions, giving own examples, and making everyone feel comfortable."  Marcelle S 

"Yvonne was very dynamic and really tailored the course to meet our needs. The information covered was highly relevant and practical and I really enjoyed the application to real life situations". Ellen G

“ The Advanced Assertive Skills one day course with Yvonne was fantastic. Really empowering and insightful.”  Justin C

“Relevant, well structured, interactive, can be applied immediately.”  Fred N

“It was enjoyable and interactive and Yvonne was flexible in addressing people’s areas of weakness. The techniques were all useful for different situations.”  Brendan W

Assertive Communication and Conversation Skills: Practical Training Course

with Yvonne Collier CSP and Sydney University Centre for Continuing Education

2019 Courses:  Runs 6x year

Wednesday November 13.

This one-day Assertive Conversation Skills practical training course will give you the confidence, skills, tools and techniques to handle tough conversations with less stress and more success.

You will learn and practise how to be assertive, conversationally without being forceful or defensive. Deal constructively with disagreement, criticism, conflict and bullies in a calm and professional manner. Set boundaries, push back, and become more influential and persuasive in your personal and workplace conversations.

This experiential day enables you to work on your assertive language, your emotions, your mind and your physiology to courageously handle ‘difficult’ people and ‘difficult’ situations successfully.

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Recent Feedback

“Great 8 hour course with loads of useful information that I can apply. Very interesting and fun.”  Stuart B

“ Very practical, very good and useful.”  Ray C

“Very positive and practical, Yvonne knows her stuff. Most useful to work through individual examples as a group.”  Kerri J

“All of the workshop was useful. An eye opener to a lot of different situations.”  Lyn M

“Going through everyone’s (very different) scenarios gave us an understanding of how to behave and act in different situations. Very informative and engaging and Yvonne is a great, fun and lively presenter willing to answer any questions or queries.” Ellie H

Half - day Assertive Conversation Skills with North Sydney Chamber of Commerce

2016 TBA

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"Following the course and revisiting after 3 weeks, I have made simple changes in my language and mind set, and am more confident in framing encounters in a way that the message is understood and acted on appropriately".  Phil S


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Assertive Communication & Conversation Skills: Practical  Training Course with  Yvonne Collier  & Sydney University Centre for Continuing Education

Assertive Communication & Conversation Skills: Practical Training Course with Yvonne Collier & Sydney University Centre for Continuing Education

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Sexual Harassment and Bullying in the Workplace

Create a sexual harassment and bullying free environment. Learn what behaviour is unacceptable, how to handle it,  why you must have zero tolerance and learn and practice, best practice.

Date TBA with Sydney University Centre for Continuing Education

Successful Negotiations flow with people skills

Are you keen to improve your negotiation skills and gain a new and different perspective along with practical tools? 

Then this interactive learning presentation is for you.

Negotiation happens everyday in your personal and professional life. With your staff, customers, colleagues, family and friends about finances, time, needs, and much more.

Yvonne will show you how to:

  • Flow with prepared processes for better “in the moment” responses.

  • Use specific people skills to determine best possible outcomes.

  • Understand big picture considerations for best results.


Who Moved my Cheese? Gaining Change Skills

Yvonne Collier is an accredited presenter of the new Who Moved My Cheese in association with Matrix Plus.

The new Who Moved My Cheese is based on the #1 best selling book by Dr Spencer Johnson, an internationally respected thought leader on change.  Dr Johnson set out to change the way people viewed change. The result was ‘Who Moved My Cheese?’ An A-Mazing way to deal with change in your work and in your life. A simple yet enlightening story of four characters (Sniff, Scurry, Hem and Haw) who lived in a “Maze” and look for cheese to nourish them and make them happy. Although change is happening everywhere, most people don’t think about change itself. They think about work. They think about life and things happening at home. Whether or not we’re aware of it, change plays a large role in all our lives. 


Yvonne is an accredited presenter of the brand New “Who Moved My Cheese?

Gaining Change Skills Program. This entertaining, light hearted, keynote takes a closer look at how we react to change. For more info:      

Team Building for Better Results

Maximise your performance and ‘rev-up’ to better productivity, performance and promotion. As team members it can be challenging and pressured as you juggle yourself, your boss, your customers, your workload and sometimes your colleagues, all in a tight time frame. Rev up to the fast track and know how to engage top performance.

This interactive workshop focuses on giving you skills, techniques and strategies to help you handle the pressure, the stress and even ‘difficult’ people. It will help you stay motivated, productive and enjoy the daily challenges. It involves discussion, demonstrations, other learning experiences and some pre-course work to maximize results.


Customer Service Excellence

This course is suited to all customer-facing business sectors. You will learn to better develop your service skills and use these skills to create excellent relationships with your internal and external customers, and produce better client retention and growth. 

This course is designed to build confidence and people skills to handle even your most “difficult” customers and turn them into advocates!  It is highly interactive, using practical exercises, role-plays, appropriate case studies, discussion and pre-course work to maximise the outcomes.


Team Leaders - Skills Development

High performing team leaders are a key to business profitability. This interactive course focuses on giving you, the Team Leader, the skills, techniques and ideas to break through to excellence and create and maintain high performance teams. Proven models, learning experiences, finance case studies and pre-course work maximise your benefits.


Leadership Seminar - Influence & Win

With the North Sydney Chamber of Commerce

Learn how to be more influential (ethically!) and win


At the end of the half day workshop participants will have practiced tools to:

  • Demonstrate confident behaviours that create a positive first impression

  • Adopt a positive influential and ethical mindset

  • Explore and use language to deliver your communication persuasively

  • Be more present to what motivates you and others

If you would like to polish or add more tools to your ‘Influence and win’ tool kit come along and learn how you can become more influential.

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