Do you need a bit of coaching around the language of assertive behaviour?

Join Yvonne Collier, interviewed by Dean Collier,  as they explore the 20 Key Principles of Assertive behaviour and give examples of over a dozen techniques to speak the language of appropriate assertiveness.

  • Practice 'I' statements, the 4+2 model . . .
  • Handle criticism, interruptions, give feedback, 8 ways to say 'No' . . .
  • Yvonne and Dean 'role play' diffusing  aggressive behaviour
  • And more!

61 minutes

"If you really want to make a big change in your life, then I would consider this CD to be a mandatory learning tool for anyone who attends the course How To Be More Assertive. After the course is over listening to the CD helps to keep all the great tips and tools alive. Yvonne's voice is very reassuring and can give you the confidence to tackle challenging behaviours in others as well as manage yourself more effectively."  Miranda S

"Thank you for the great CD on assertive communication. As a person who has done your courses in assertive  communication I found the material inspirational and therapeutic in developing my soft people skills." David W


Assertive Language YC CD.JPG