Team Building

Build The Best and Most Productive Teams

"While we wanted to improve communication skills our main purpose was to enhance esprit de corps as we cope with the pangs of high growth and rapid change. The courses were conducted in-house and quite simply the program has been a raging success. The benefits are clearly visible in terms of team spirit and enthusiasm. Staff members consistently report a better understanding of each other and the organization as a whole. "HR Manager IT Company

Team Building for Better Results

Maximise your performance and ‘rev-up’ to better productivity, performance and promotion. As team members it can be challenging and pressured as you juggle yourself, your boss, your customers, your workload and sometimes your colleagues, all in a tight time frame. Rev up to the fast track and know how to engage top performance.

This interactive workshop focuses on giving you skills, techniques and strategies to help you handle the pressure, the stress and even ‘difficult’ people. It will help you stay motivated, productive and enjoy the daily challenges. It involves discussion, demonstrations, other learning experiences and some pre-course work to maximize results.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Trigger your own motivation
  • Set and own your targets and goals
  • Understand and 'read' people
  • De-stress yourself and those around you!
  • Handle even your most challenging customer
  • Get a grip on your time / Enjoy your work day!


"Excellent Presentation."

"Yvonne was clear, concise, and very thorough. Knew the subject matter. Very enjoyable style of presentation. The information, discussion and course content and structure were very pertinent and timely."

"Very clear, creative, helpful. A fun course. Very informative. Very good motivational course."

"Very clear presentation – very thought provoking. Very relevant to workplace and workplace relationships as well as personal relationships."

"Well spoken, good ideas, always had answers when answers were asked for. Very relevant to what I need to improve on in the work place."

"Very easy to listen to. Very knowledgeable in her work. Light hearted approach makes the course much more enjoyable. It has been an enjoyable experience. I hope our other team members are able to attend. Interaction with other call centre people was good."

Team Leaders - Skills Development (1 day)

Creating Excellent Team leaders

High Performance teams are a key to business profitability.

This interactive workshop focuses on giving you the Team Leader the skills, techniques and ideas to create and maintain high performance teams. It involves demonstrations, role plays, case studies and sharing your experiences.

At the end of this workshop, participants will be able to:

  • Tap into individual’s motivations and creativity
  • Establish targets and smart goals that team members own
  • Deliver effective empowering feedback to raise performance
  • Understand your team and team dynamics
  • De-stress you and your team
  • Produce outstanding results


"Relates to my position – enjoyed it immensely! Will take away the skills to motivate, keep staff happy and remain on target."

"Excellent. Listened to everyone. Involved people. Colourful. Lively. Blended in personal stories. It was very relevant to team leading and today provided excellent skills for work and social environment."

"Enjoyed the whole day, and every aspect."

"Well spoken, covered topics well, easy to understand, humorous. Diverse course and good for team leaders."

"Great time management. Picked up on ideas. Good coverage of information. Great presentation skills and delivery. Built ‘comfort’ zone within the team."

"Yvonne was very informative and full of helpful ideas. The course was very relevant and useful and I will be able to apply it upon returning to work. It was great hearing ideas from other participants. I learnt some useful techniques to overcome some challenges that I encounter at work."

"Yvonne leads us through each topic gently but firmly. Explaining thoroughly and offering help on subjects when requested. All the topics are very useful."

"Yvonne was clear and I was able to understand all topics covered. The day was a lot of fun and our presenter was professional and friendly. I enjoyed the course. I found it interesting and relevant and will be able to adapt the skills obtained in my workplace."

"I learnt heaps and put actions into place immediately."

"Yvonne, you are truly a dynamic teacher, and you gave us some very practical tips for communicating more effectively at business and in one's personal life." - Customer Relations Officer Financial Services

Essential Management Skills ( 2 days)

Everything you need to know to coach, counsel and motivate yourself and your team. This interactive workshop focuses on giving you skills, techniques and strategies to help you handle the pressure,the stress, and your people. It will help you stay motivated, productive and encourage you to enjoy the daily challenges.

At the end of the workshop, participants will be able to:

  • Tap into individual’s motivations and creativity
  • Establish targets and smart goals that stretch and empower team members
  • Understand team dynamics
  • Demonstrate confidence in managing your team
  • Use techniques to solve problems and handle conflict
  • De-stress yourself and those around you!
  • Delegate Successfully
  • Get a grip on your time
  • Enjoy your work day!


"The best course . . . in 15 years of training courses and workshops this is the only one that made a lasting difference for all participants." Sharon S

“I loved your interaction.” Rhonda

“Loved the quotes and the real life examples.” Jasmine

“Excellent two-day workshop. I was energised and involved the whole time. I am confident in my skills in managing my life and improving my role and gaining and giving support to my team.” Alex

“The course exceeded my expectations. This is by far the most interesting training session I have ever been on in my 18 year career in the financial services industry.” Anne A

“This course will help me not only in my professional life but also my personal life. Yvonne is a wonderful facilitator and shows empathy and care for those in the room with her.” Donna T

“I was blown away, especially on the first day. I was honestly expecting another ra, ra course. It was near the end of the day when I sat back and thought ‘Oh my God’, what an amazing day we’ve had. Yvonne you are an amazing facilitator who knows when to take control or let us go, and presented the content of the course in an interesting manner. A course I learnt a lot from.” Sharon G

"Thank you for the course. I was a bit skeptical originally however once under your charisma, frankness and down-to-earth guidance the matter flowed nicely and fruitfully."

"Your workshop has been a great assistance and I use the essentials everyday. I have told everyone how great the workshop is, and the staff are very excited about the upcoming workshop."

"A big thank you for the way the in which the course was conducted, making it so interesting, easy to understand and most of all having lots of fun."