About Training

For experiential outcome focused fun learning click on the subjects that interest you

Maddison Training courses and workshops are always interactive, mind expanding and fun. 

We ensure each session will be:

  • Informative – you’ll look at the best models in the business
  • Interactive – you’ll learn by doing
  • Inventive – you’ll surprise yourself
  • Focused on you and solutions for you
  • And Fun!

“The best course . . . in 15 years of training courses and workshops this is the only one that made a lasting difference for all participants." - Regional Sales Manager, Credit Union

"Following Yvonne's training programs we have witnessed a significant return in our sales results, as well as general confidence and professionalism amongst the staff." - General Sales Manager, Publishing

“We had 5 attendees on your Customer Service workshop and they came back so excited, energized and bouncing off the walls. We will do more with you Yvonne.” (And they did!) - Operations Manager, Large Bank

“Excellent enthusiastic uplifting. Extremely motivational.  A variety of presentation and activities. The days flew.” - Manager, Financial Services

"Yvonne and Dean Collier were called in to assist me get the team under positive influence for the new year. They made a lasting impression that the team is still talking about today.   Yvonne has a unique way of putting her audience at ease very fast. This instils confidence and trust from even the toughest teams! She achieved this in such a subtle way that broke down barriers and brought fun into the business of getting on with each other.  I recommend both Yvonne and Dean to any CEO who wants to build an awesome team. The ROI is immeasurable when teams communicate better and information is exchanged at a deeper level within the organisation." - CEO, Commercial Real Estate

Yvonne Collier Client Collage