Boring Business Case Study to Engaging Client Success Story

Lost business because they didn't relate to your case studies? Are people switching off when you speak? Do you explain too much and loose people's interest? Does the client tune out because they can’t relate to your examples?

Well, imagine transforming your boring business case studies into engaging compelling stories, that show the value you bring, to win you the business!

We can teach you the skills to craft and transform your boring old case studies into interesting stories that help your clients – existing and new, to come on board and choose you. Dean and Yvonne will help you craft your powerful stories and give you feedback to make them even better. 

You will learn to: 

·     Apply The DY 5 Step boring to engaging formula

·      Recognize what makes for a story successful ‘sales’ tool

·      Relax when you present your stories.

Yvonne and Dean bring a unique combination and approach that gives you the winning formula to keep your current clients happy and to win you new clients.


I’m definitely more concise in my story telling after this excellent workshop. Stuart L

I’ve closed more new business with my succinct powerful transformed case studies. Brian D

 Great course. Practical. Actionable. I gained confidence and clarity. And I’ve brought in new business. Aiden H

 It was great to practise and see others practise and get feedback. I gained confidence. Nisha R

 It was so engaging. I’m confident and comfortable. I know strategies and got to practise. I felt like one-on-one coaching in the group. Prassoon T

 Highly engaging workshop. I highly recommend to others. Thank you. Josh L

This was a massively meaningful learning experience for me. I feel and know I have improved a lot in my skills. Rafael A

Yvonne Collier - story telling 🙂

Yvonne Collier - story telling 🙂

Dean Collier - electrifying!

Dean Collier - electrifying!

Dean Collier

Dean Collier