Work - Life Balance

Helping people produce productive and profitable relationships at work and play.  

Feedback from WLB keynote presentation . . . "Fantastic . . . I so enjoyed your presentation . . . very down to earth and one can hear you have walked your talk - not out of a book!"

“Yvonne is a true and busy professional who creates her own Work Life Balance.

She runs her own Company, is an Educator, Speaker, Radio Presenter, President of NSW National Speakers Association, Author, has a successful marriage, a great business and friends that truly love her!

She found time to dance in the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games Ceremony, is a ‘step mum’, Gym Bunny, travels extensively and manages to fit her partner Dean in there as well.

I own and run two business and feel fortunate to call Yvonne a true friend" - Graham E. Kite | Owner, Infotainers & Graham E. Kite Entertainment

Work Life Balance boosts the bottom line. Companies that attract and retain the best talent increasingly recognize the good business sense of helping employees find their work life balance. Employees are more productive, give better customer service and handle stress better. Your organization saves money from less absenteeism and sick leave, and more motivated productive employees boost the bottom line.

Work Life Balance: Survive & Thrive!

This interactive workshop will help you work smarter not harder. Practical proven techniques and winning formulas will help you achieve success, fulfilment and improved productivity. Pre course work will maximise your results.

At the end of the workshop participants are able to:

A major challenge facing the banking and finance industry is an overworked stressed workforce. So it makes good sense from an employers’ perspective to help employees find their work life balance. The benefits are a more productive and present workforce, less absenteeism, a boosted ‘bottom line’ and more motivated and loyal employees who delight customers and thrive.

From an employee perspective they are more focused, organised, less stressed, more productive and happier at work and home.

At the end of this workshop participants will be able to:

  • Work smarter not harder
  • Identify time wasters and reduce them
  • Get organised and prioritise
  • Create more time in a day!
  • De-Stress
  • Maximise energy

Target Audience

All banking and financial professionals who want to work smarter not harder.

Courses & presentations can be tailored & customised for your individuals & groups.

Posted on December 19, 2012 .