Excellent Customer Service

Customer Service Excellence / Build Fantastic Customer Relations

The Key Skills: 

This course builds your confidence so you can handle your most 'difficult' customers, and turn them into 'advocates'! 

It is highly interactive using practical exercises, role-plays, examples and discussion.

At the end of the workshop, you will be able to:

    •    Instantly create a 'can do' attitude in yourself

    •    Build rapport quickly with anyone

    •    Calm your 'difficult' customers

    •    Handle complaints effectively and efficiently

    •    Really listen to your customers

    •    Solve your customers problems with confidence

    •    Create magic moments for your customers

    •    Turn ‘tragic’ moments into ‘magic’ moments

Tailored to your needs. Usually run over 1 day.

Who should attend?

All front-line staff and anyone who has a customer or supplier relationship, because customer relations need constant polishing and up-skilling.


" Enthusiastic, professional, educated, made the day enjoyable and in turn made it easy to learn."

"Everything that was talked about today was so relevant and important, it was 

overwhelmingly excellent."

"This course was very good, hope it will be on again for other staff to attend.”

Posted on December 19, 2012 .