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Assertive Skills in 2017 using Aristotle's wisdom!

It's 8th January 2017 and I'm back blogging !!

This is the 25th year of my assertive skills Maddison Training business.

I've taught / coached / facilitated the learning / trained thousands of people in assertive skills, 'The ability to speak up balanced by empathy under an umbrella of respect'.

And I encourage all my students to teach these learned skills to others. Teaching embeds your learnings as well as cascading the skills, creating a 'ripples in a pond' effect.

In practicing, living and sharing the skills . . .  (this will I hope ) . . . lead to a more peaceful world.

When you use and apply the tools and techniques of assertive communication skills you become more influential and persuasive.

Even in this 2017 digital age, we can call on the wisdom of Aristotle (4th century BC). He identified 3 fundamental elements of persuasion: Ethos, Pathos and Logos. These same 3 principles apply to speaking and writing in the 2017 digital age.

Ethos is your ( the speaker's) personal character / credibility.  Pathos appeals to the emotions of your audience and Logos is the logic behind your point of view / proof / evidence / facts to back up your proposal / suggestion.

Call to Action:

Think about who you want to persuade to do something for you today / this week. Use Ethos, Pathos and Logos to help you craft your assertive message. 

For those of you who are familiar with Yvonne's LAFFe to Success Model use this to guide you to move modes in preparing and delivering your message. Spend sometime in Logic mode to plan your best approach to suit their needs. Gather the evidence. Think WIIFT (What's In It for Them). Get creative in Fun mode. Tap into Feeling mode to appeal to their emotions. What's your credibility? Why are you saying / writing this - your ethos. Then take Action and ask / present / converse . . . 

P.S. Next post we will explore my LAFFe to Success Model.

Love to hear how you go.

Best wishes