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Job review coming up? Need best interview Skills?

Here’s some practical advice I gave KH and she implemented successfully. She writes “I heard back from my current employer today re pay rise and it is exactly the figure I had in mind so wonderful result!

Maybe something here will resonate and help you too.

KH felt she had "hit a brick wall, felt unconfident and experienced interviews as probing and stressful".

She writes, “I was able to overcome the wall I had hit with articulating my words and was calm, collected and grounded and overall it was a really lifting learning experience.” 

“Thank you for your supportive advice – without doubt the words you offered gave me a major boost in the right direction. (NB: I printed off the industry salary averages for my role, as you advised, and presented them with hard copy evidence of what the industry pays which was well received and gave my case a solid backing – although, it perhaps also caught them a little by surprise!)

Another marketing company has also recently approached me to join their team heading up their PR department and I had an interview with them this evening, which again, (regardless of what the outcome is) was another great learning experience and chance to put the newly refined interview skills into practice. 

Both meetings went well because:

  • I felt like I was having a two-way 'human' conversation. It felt like three humans talking together and not 'two people' firing probing questions at a subordinate third person (as it can often feel in an interview situation). 

  • Less is more! I answered the questions succinctly and once I'd made a point stopped and allowed them to fill the space.

  • I allowed the facts and evidence do the talking – allowing them to prop-up my case so that I didn't need to worry about 'justifying my case' with long sentences which I think is when you can find yourself starting to waffle and then get nervous and loose track of the point.

  • I used the politician tactic of tactfully turning a negative into a positive.”

So whether you are facing a performance appraisal, pay rise review, or job interview follow the guidelines above and enjoy more success!