Soft skills are hard and essential says Seth G

The soft skills – the people skills – assertive skills - the ability to speak up and express your point of view and listen respectfully to others who disagree - are key to successful individual, team, and company success.

Seth Godin, best selling author and entrepreneurial thinker says:

“The hard stuff is measurable, quantifiable and easy to put into a spreadsheet. This concrete stuff gives you an easy way to demand a bonus or track progress. The soft stuff is merely essential, the real reason you do what you do. Ironically, then, hard is easy and soft is difficult. The question, I guess, is whether or not you and your team spend most of your time on the hard stuff, merely because it's easier to measure, to argue about and to hide behind?”

Take Action today

What can you do today to show you value yourself? Time out? Relax? Do something you love and you haven’t for ages?

And what can you do to show the significant people in your life – at work / home / socially – that you care and value them? Spend time together? Go to the movies? Say a specific thank you . . .

Posted on April 3, 2013 .