Cialdini's six laws of persuasion are pure gold to advertisers and influencers.
In the next few posts we will explore them all.

From my perspective there are 2 aspects.
1. Know when they are being used on you.
2. Use them ethically.

In response to No.1 when we can recognise the law, we can stop, and choose whether to respond in a 'knee jerk' reaction, or identify and label what's happening, and choose to say no, thank you.

Liking is one law that operates all day everyday.
Think for a moment. If you like someone are you more likely to do them a favour? Say yes to their request?  Lend them what they ask for?
And vice versa. If people like you, the same is true.

So what will you do today to like more people?
And what will you give to encourage people to like you too?

Love to hear your ideas.