More tips to get what you want - ethically

Question: How do you feel when someone says, "well done, great job."?

"It depends"! These are my 2 favourite words in the English language. It depends, who says it, how it's said, the context . . . 

When it is said genuinely, acknowledgement feeds a basic human need. We feel significant. 

Could "well done, great job" be made even better?  Yes, by being specific. Thank you for being on time for this important meeting. I love the way you kept everyone on track and to time this morning. Well done for ensuring everyone had their say.

Who can you acknowledge genuinely and specifically today? Hone your 'people skills'.

Remember an earlier posting mentioned, "by helping other people get what they want, they'll help you get what you want." Similarly, by helping people genuinely feel more significant, you are building your mutual emotional bank accounts, and should I ask for help . . .  what would you do?  . . .  Help me?

So who will you help today? Who will you acknowledge today? How about you turn to the person right next to you right now, and just do it!

Love to hear what happens.

With love, light and laughter


Posted on January 14, 2013 .